How to fix windows error code 663

Windows error code 663 occurs when we update windows online but the modem used for internet connection is not installed and used properly. It is not recognize by the system. If you installed the new modem to update windows but system/PC is not configured to communicate with this then it will give the error code 663 during the updating of windows and thus it will prevent/restrict you to complete windows update and you can’t use the latest technology and features of windows. This error appears in all versions of windows. When this error occurs in your system then try to remove this error otherwise it may cause so many problems in your system. This is a common error code which is used by windows and drivers Vendors to identify the real cause of the error. There is a hexadecimal number for every error to understand the actual reason of the error.

Cause of this error:-

The main cause behind this error is that when you installed a new modem for internet connection to update your windows but the system configuration doesn't match with the setting of modem then it gives the windows error code 663.A pert from this there are also so many common causes of this error such as injection of malicious programs or software, corrupt registry file, damage windows file, old windows driver, miss configuration of windows etc.

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Effect of this error:-

The most effect of this error is that it prevents the updating windows and gives the error message that some update can’t be completed, “error code 663 occurred”. It also may be the reason of windows crash, blue screen of death, system freeze.

Solution of this error:-

As we know that error code 663 is a common but critical windows update error so it is recommended to overcome this error for our best. We should always maintain and update windows because windows included latest features And protection from malicious programs. We can solve this error by reinstalling the modem or we can also use some manual processes such as system restore, reboot, system scan etc. But again you get this error or unable to follow these manual processes then don’t worry , download RegCure Pro windows repair tool , install in your system and scan your system. It will repair all damaged files, protect your system from harmful softwares, clean your system from garbage/waste and provide as better pc performance.